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Seattle Sportsmen's Convention Project Funding

Wildlife Conservation, Habitat Preservation, Hunter Education and Advocacy project funding using proceeds of the past nine conventions and all groups.

Wildlife Conservation

  • Funds for reintroduction of native Pronghorn Antelope in WA State($99,000)
  • Mountain Goat Population Surveys in WA with WDFW 04, 05 & 06($73,000)
  • Funded Grizzly bear study & survey in British Columbia w/ GOABC($10,000)
  • Wild sheep transplants, vaccinations and radio collars in WA & OR($39,000)
  • Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep population survey in BC. ($13,000)
  • Funding for DNA testing and cataloging of mountain lions in WA($42,000)
  • Bighorn Sheep feeding and supplement nutrition project, WA($3,000)
  • Bear Dog project with the WDFW to aid in handling problem bears.($4,500)
  • Baja Desert Bighorn Sheep survey, optics and conservation project.($56,250)
  • Special Government Tag sales funding specie specific game mgmt($557,000)
  • Snyder Fish Hatchery & Olympic Peninsula Guides Assoc.($4,200)
  • SE WA Bighorn Sheep Collar Project 05($35,000)
  • Mule Deer Genetic study and survey w/Purdue University($8,000)
  • Bighorn Sheep Fencing Project($20,000)
  • Mt. Rainer Elk surveys($650)
  • Chelan Bighorn Sheep Collar Project 07($15,300)
  • Wolverine GPS Tracking Project, SE Alaska($9,900)

Habitat Preservation

  • Tieton, WA 10,400 acre critical range habitat purchase.($95,000)
  • Asotin Creek, WA critical winter range land acquisition.($16,000)
  • Tuccannon, WA habitat enhancement with minerals.($2,100)
  • Umptanum, WA wildlife water guzzler habitat enhancement.($7,000)
  • Wynoochee River drainage forage enhancement evaluation, WA.($5,000)
  • Lagrande, OR Ladd March critical rangeland acquisition.($10,000)
  • WA Pheasant Habitat Projects.($5,500)
  • Southeast WA Bighorn Sheep Habitat Enhancement($100,000)
  • Turkey Habitat Preservation($10,000)


  • Sponsor Sensory Safari exhibit for education of blind children.($2,000)
  • Scholarships for boys and girls to the Youth Conservation Corp Camp($6,800)
  • Sponsor the South Kitsap ROTC shooting team.($10,000)
  • Scholarships to the SCI Adult Wilderness leadership School in WY($10,000)
  • Scholarships to Hunters Apprentice Program at Indianhead Ranch.($12,500)
  • Roadside billboard education/advocacy program in WA.($7,000)
  • Sponsor of Eddie Eagle Firearm safety course in all levels of school.($2,000)
  • Young people education and conservation awareness in WA.($10,000)
  • Sponsor JAKES project for NWTF.($2,500)

Hunter Advocacy & Community Service

  • Donated over 60 tons of salmon for "Hunters for the hungry".($34,000)
  • Hunter access program Selah butte, WA.($3,000)
  • Friends of NRA($12,000)
  • World Conservation Force, Hunter advocacy world wide Sponsor.($15,000)
  • SCI Washington DC building for hunter lobbying and advocacy.($30,000)
  • Wheel chair Access for SCI Washington DC building.($3,000)
  • Motorized wheel chair provided to deserving member of Convention.($9,000)
  • Hunters Heritage Council hunting & fishing lobby in Olympia, WA.($27,000)
  • Northwest Sport fishing Industry Association Sponsor 05 & 06 ($10,000)
  • Guide Outfitters Association British Columbia, BC Hunting Lobby.($38,500)
  • Whitetail and Turkey Hunts for disabled hunters($16,700)
  • Wild Sheep Summit Sponsor ($500)
  • Tri-State Wild Sheep Sponsor ($250)
  • Washingtonians for Wildlife Conservation $1,750)
  • Freedom Hunters, Wounded Warrior Sponsorships and Salmon for Soldiers $1,250)

Because of the unbelievable support of this event over the past fifteen years, the participating groups have been able to significantly impact the important conservation programs listed above. Your continued support will ensure that many of these programs continue to be funded. Again, thank you for your important financial contribution to Wildlife Conservation!

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