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Safari Club International Seattle PSC Chapter is an organization of Washington State hunters belonging to Safari Club International. Our chapter goals are as follows:

  • Providing value to members by shaping policies and legislation that protect the freedom to hunt locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Keeping members informed regarding issues that impact hunting while educating and entertaining members with meetings, media, and fellowship. 
  • Providing a community for sportsmen and women throughout our area, where information can be exchanged, and where members are able to participate in our goals.
  • Promoting a positive image of hunters and portraying them as responsible citizens who fund wildlife conservation, education and other programs which benefit the community and our sport.

Safari Club International is the leader in protecting the freedom to hunt and in promoting wildlife conservation worldwide.

Our Seattle Sportsmen’s Convention is the area’s largest fundraiser annually.  We’re very proud to have been uniting sportsmen and women from all organizations from in and around the Northwest.  Our event is not about one particular organizations goals, but a way for us all to come together for the common good of the sport that we all love and cherish.

By doing this combined effort successfully over these last number of years, we’ve proven on a National basis that good people, with common interests, while all working for different but still similar organizations, can truly build a bridge between all these organizations and unite their efforts for the common good of their overall cause.


Events throughout the year for members:

  • Our Annual Seattle Sportsmen’s Convention
  • Annual Big Game Awards trophy dinner
  • Summer BBQ and Shooting Competition
  • Membership Meetings
  • Our Annual Christmas Party at a Member’s trophy room


2009 funded projects

  • The WA state Cougar DNA studies.
  • We purchased the WA Dept of Fish and Wildlife another much needed Bear Dog
  • Our annual Youth Hunt to introduce kids to hunting and conservation.
  • We sponsor The South Kitsap Jr. ROTC Program
  • Support of Local Fish Hatchery Funds and multiple Kids fishing programs.
  • WA Dept of Fish and Game Cooperative Wildlife Funding and Cooperative Sheep Funding.
  • The Rocky Spencer Scholarship Fund at W. WA University.
  • The WAZU Veterinary Medicine Research Project.
  • HHC – The Hunter’s Heritage Council which lobbies for our hunting, fishing, and gun rights.
  • These are all LOCAL Washington state projects and programs…This list doesn’t include all the National projects that our organization has funded.

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